Devil's Paintbox


A Novel from American Storyteller Robert Allen

72 hours after securing a deal worth half a million dollars Key West native and known smuggler Steven Dean’s commercial fishing boat was found half sunk in a shallow channel near Big Pine Key riddled with bullets and its wheelhouse covered in blood. Across town in a hospital bed lay the love of his life Michelle Iverson, slipping in and out of consciousness following a brutal attack.

Steven’s best friend and partner Christian Garcia joins a growing list of missing or deceased individuals, all of whom had involvement with the young smuggler who is believed to have made his way to the city of Chicago by way of Cuba and the Florida Keys to carry out an act of vengeance against a wealthy pornographer and high society pimp that he holds personally responsible for the mounting atrocities around him. The murders of three individuals and the efficiency with which they were carried out on a frozen street in the city of Chicago resembled the work of a professional as opposed to that of a reckless modern day pirate.

The Devil’s Paintbox

A story inspired by real events and told using a unique combination of narrative styles and character recollection. A crime story that raises questions about the power of love, the significance that one’s childhood takes on in later years of life. The story of a simple man haunted by complex demons and his struggle to find security and happiness against the backdrop of an often chaotic and tragically random world.